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About Owen Skelley

Owen Eugene Skelley was born April 14, 2006 in Burlington, Iowa. From the beginning, Owen was loving, very active, and wanting to be in the middle of all the action. Owen loved to eat all the time and spent every waking minute he could with his older brother and best friend Boyd. He could count on his younger sister Stella to make him 6 or more eggs in the morning and start his vehicle so it’s warmed up and ready.

Owen became involved in football and baseball at an early age with baseball becoming his preferred and most rewarding sport. He loved the game but most of all enjoyed being around his teammates/ friends and coaches. He strived to be the best he could be with getting involved in strength/ endurance training in the off season, taking private hitting lessons, visiting the batting cages regardless of the temperature outside, participating in travel baseball, and throwing the baseball in the street with his brother and neighbors. He was a power hitter, fast/ unpredictable on the bases, and played right field. Owen was humble and would prefer to show his talent rather than speak of it.

Owen was not shy and would have no problem walking up to a stranger and ask “how you doing”, “you doing okay”, or “do you need anything”. He was 15 years old at the time of his passing and was ahead of his time for maturity. He really cared so much about others. He had a ton of friends and an amazing girlfriend whom all were very supportive of each other.

Owen had worked hard to get himself in exceptional shape although he ate non-stop. He showed everyone respect and would do anything he could to put a smile on faces and pick others up when they were down. Owen enjoyed joking with his teachers and coaches which developed into strong friendships and respect.

He participated in a couple of out-of-state church camps where they would donate their time and efforts to help others. He would participate locally helping individuals with moving/ cleaning their houses and cleaning up Kinnick Stadium the morning after a home Iowa football games.

He would give his mom and dad a kiss on their foreheads every night before bed and tell his brother and sister he loved them. He would make it a point to text his family daily and signed off on texts with “love you”. He enjoyed cuddling with his dog Donald although Owen called him Aaron (for no reason). In fact, he liked to give nicknames to others just to be funny.

He enjoyed cruising down the road in his green jeep with the top down listening to music. Hanging out with his many friends was so powerful and rewarding.

His parents did not know how far of a reach Owen’s friendship went until after his passing. Stories from across Iowa came in telling about fun encounters people had with him over the years. He made a positive lasting impression.

Unfortunately, Owen was the one who was having trouble mentally but was unknown to everyone else (even his closest inner circle). We learned more after his passing with a 10 page letter he left behind explaining his struggles. His main goal was to keep it (his mental struggles) from everyone. He states he did not want to “burden anyone”. Over the past couple years, Owen had a surgery on his knee from a sports related accident and surgery on his wrist to remove a cist. In his letter, he explains what really put him over the edge was not being allowed to be with his friends due to Covid. We knew the isolation of children from 1 year out of school would have an affect on children but did not foresee that it would contribute to his ultimate untimely and permanent fatal decision.

Owen is remembered for many characteristics but having a big heart and putting others ahead of himself are at the top. He is the most loving, hardworking, and determined young man.

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